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Do you wish you had straighter teeth? Invisalign®, available at our West Long Branch, NJ, office, is a simple and discreet alternative to braces that can give you the beautiful, symmetrical smile you desire. Instead of metal brackets and wires, Invisalign® uses a custom series of clear, removable mouthpieces to guide your smile into proper alignment. Meanwhile, you can continue to enjoy all the foods you love, and brushing and flossing are no more difficult than before. We offer Invisalign® Teen, designed especially for teenage patients, and Invisalign® Express, designed to achieve minor cosmetic tooth movement in as little as three months. To learn more, schedule a consultation with Dr. Jonathan Levy today.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Invisalign® treatment uses a series of clear plastic mouthguards to gradually reposition the teeth over time. Created using advanced three-dimensional digital imaging technology, the aligners are customized just for you. Every two weeks, you will wear the next set of aligners in the series. The aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into place. Patients remove their mouthpieces during meals, and while brushing and flossing. In all, patients should wear their mouthpieces at least 22 hours a day.

The length of treatment time varies from case to case, but it typically takes one year to 18 months to achieve the desired results

Benefits of Invisalign®

Invisalign® has become a very popular alternative to braces because it can correct moderate misalignment as effectively as braces, but it fits much more easily into most lifestyles. Meanwhile, Invisalign® costs about the same as braces, and treatment time is comparable. Because they are clear, Invisalign® mouthpieces are virtually invisible to those around you. While patients wearing traditional braces must avoid chewy, crunchy, and sticky foods in order to maintain their hardware, Invisalign® patients need only remove their mouthpiece before enjoying any foods they choose. After meals, patients can simply remove their mouthpieces, brush and floss as normal, rinse the mouthpieces, and place them back over their teeth. 

Invisalign® Teen and Invisalign® Express

We offer two special variations on standard Invisalign® treatment: Invisalign® Teen and Invisalign® Express. Invisalign® Teen mouthpieces are equipped with a special indicator that verifies that the mouthpieces have been worn for the prescribed amount of time, and indicates when it is time to use the next aligner. It also includes replacement mouthpieces if they become lost. 

If you have only minor misalignment that you wish to correct in time for an event such as a wedding or graduation, we offer Invisalign® Express. This expedited treatment is designed to provide the small refinements necessary to give you a dazzling smile in three months or less.

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Achieving a straight, beautiful smile does not have to be a hassle. Invisalign® makes it easier than ever to complete orthodontic treatment. Those around you will not notice you are wearing mouthpieces, and you will not have to forgo the foods you love. Following treatment, you can experience a beautiful new smile you can feel proud to share. We are also proud to offer CareCredit℠ financing for patients who need help breaking up the total cost of their treatment. To find out if Invisalign® is right for you, schedule a consultation with Dr. Levy today.