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Dental Implants


If you are missing one or more teeth, Dr. Jonathan Levy can coordinate the placement and restoration of dental implants at his West Long Branch, NJ, practice. Dental implants are titanium posts that replace lost tooth roots and provide the ultimate support for crowns, bridges and dentures. We provide traditional dental implants as well as All-on-4® implants, an option that can support a full-arch denture with just four strategically placed implants. Dr. Levy works with an experienced local oral surgeon who will place the implants. Following surgery, Dr. Levy can provide the custom restoration needed to complete your treatment. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Levy, contact our dental office today.

Advantages of Dental Implants

Dental implants provide several important benefits. Because they are fully integrated with the jaw, implants do not allow dentures or other restorations to slip out of place while you chew or speak. Meanwhile, dental implants are the only treatment that can stop the jaw bone atrophy that occurs following tooth loss. Patients who wear traditional dentures find that over time, jaw atrophy affects the fit of their dentures, making them increasingly loose and uncomfortable. With implant-supported dentures, patients are much more likely to achieve consistent, long-lasting comfort.

The Dental Implant Placement Procedure

Placing traditional dental implants requires two minor surgeries, with four to six months of healing time in between. In some cases, we can administer the All-on-4® technique of placing four implants to support a full denture. Often, All-on-4® implants can support a permanent arch of teeth the same day the implants are placed.

If you elect to receive dental implants, we will refer you to a trusted local surgeon. To place traditional implants, the surgeon creates an incision in the gums and inserts the threaded implants into the jaw. Finally, the surgeon will suture the gums closed over the implants to facilitate osseointegration, a process in which the implants become permanently fused to the bone. Months later, when the surgeon confirms this process is complete, abutment pieces are attached to the implants during a second surgery. When the gums have fully healed, Dr. Levy can begin the process of creating your restoration.

All-on-4® is a similar process. During surgery, two front implants are positioned vertically, while two back implants are positioned at an angle. This configuration is designed to support a full-arch denture. For qualified patients, the new teeth are inserted that same day!

Are You a Dental Implants Candidate?

Dental implants are not suitable for all patients. The best candidates are non-smokers in good general health. Candidates must also have enough jaw bone tissue to support an implant. If you have waited to seek treatment for a missing tooth, you may have experienced some bone atrophy that has compromised your dental implant candidacy. In this case, we can consult with our oral surgeon to determine if a bone grafting procedure can restore your candidacy.

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If you are suffering with a compromised smile, dental implants can provide you with life-changing benefits. This treatment is not often covered by insurance, but we offer CareCredit℠ financing, an option that can place the cost of treatment comfortably within your budget. Give us a call or email us today to schedule a consultation.